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Top Hairstyles for 2017

When you enroll in a school for cosmetology Florida, you’re going to be exposed to the cutting edge of fashion and beauty technology. If you see your future career as being a stylist or professional hairdresser, then you’re definitely going to be interested in the latest hairstyle trends for 2017. With a hairstyle, it’s possible [...]

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Gel Nail Basics from our School of Cosmetology in Florida

The world of cosmetology is an interesting place constantly filling with new innovations in technology and ways to provide beauty services. One of the latest trends in the industry is the introduction of gel nails. Students who attend our cosmetology school in Florida will learn about the growing trends in the industry and how to [...]

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Two Products You Need to Know About in Hair Straightening

Hair straightening is self-explanatory, taming those unruly curls into straight and shiny rows. There’s countless articles, tips, and home remedies floating around about how to achieve the best results when it comes to straightening hair. Achieving the perfectly straight hair is challenge since some of these tips only last for one shampooing. The results people [...]

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Four Fun Facts about Hair from a School of Cosmetology in Florida

The world of cosmetology is interesting and people who choose it as their career will be able to express their creativity through the use of hair styling, makeup, and hair and nail care. Many individuals have even taken it a step further by working out of the comfort of their own home or opening their [...]

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Hair Care for Humid Weather – Tips from a Cosmetology School in Florida

Cosmetology School in Florida Florida is a popular vacation spot for tourists, fisherman, watersport enthusiast, and individuals who love exploring history. There’s so much to see and do no one will ever to be able to explore every inch of the sunshine state in one visit. One feature about the state everyone can agree on [...]

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The Art of Finding a High Quality but Affordable Cosmetology School in Florida

Studying for a new career can be a stressful prospect for many people since it means hours of hard work and study. Learning new skills to pursue a more fulfilling career in cosmetology and with the option to continually improve and grow throughout the course of making such a change. One of the first steps [...]

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How to Effectively Use the Color Wheel with Concealers – A Basic of Cosmetology School in Florida

Makeup is a tricky subject to master since there’s so much to cover. Even expert beauticians can have trouble finding the best shade of concealer for their client and balancing it out with their natural skin tone. The cosmetology school in Florida covers this subject matter so students can better understand how to apply concealer [...]

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Get Ready to Learn the Basics and Beyond at our Cosmetology School Florida

Cosmetology is about providing top-notch customer service to clients while also providing them with the excellent care they deserve the moment they sit in your chair. Cosmetology is an exciting field to study, since there are always opporunites to meet new people, overcome challenges, and be creative through innovative techniques. Comprehensive Training for a New [...]

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