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Learn About Essential Serums for Hair Care at Cosmetology School Orlando

Hair requires constant care to be at its healthiest and look its best. If you’re interested in styling or cutting hair as a career, then you’re going to need to learn from the best at a cosmetology school Orlando. At the Hollywood institute, we can provide industry-recognized training and licensure, and if you’re thinking about [...]

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Curling Wand vs. Flat Iron – Essential Knowledge for Cosmetology Schools Orlando

One of the essential aspects of preparing for cosmetology school Orlando is learning about the various tools and techniques that you’ll be using throughout your study, and into your career. If becoming a stylist is one of your goals, then you’re going to need to know about curling wands and flat irons. Both of these [...]

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Cosmetology School in Orlando is a Great Way to Continue your Education after High School

When graduating from high school the world is filled with possibilities and untapped potential. Considering a new career to start studying for once you’re out of high school takes consideration since it’s an investment in yourself and your future. Many people have started to turn towards the world of cosmetology for their career choice since [...]

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Is your Career Getting Stale? Consider Cosmetology School in Orlando!

The usual office job may not cut it for some people who are craving something more in their career field. Cosmetology is a career where you can be creative, meet new people, and be your own boss once you’ve become skilled enough. The cosmetology school in Orlando is dedicated to teaching students the skill set [...]

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Top Perks of Attending Affordable Cosmetology Schools in Orlando

Cosmetology Schools in Orlando According to BLS, the field of cosmetology is expected to grow by 10% between 2014 to 2024. This job growth is faster than average compared to other career field and as a result there’s been a growing demand for professionally trained cosmetologists. People have started to kick start their careers by [...]

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Attend Cosmetology Schools in Orlando to Kick Start your Career

Cosmetology Schools in Orlando Thinking of changing careers? Concerned about the job outlook once you’ve attended one of our cosmetology schools in Orlando? You’ve come to the right place, since the job outlook for the field of cosmetology has never looked better. You’ll find great opportunities for personal growth, creativity, meeting new people, and you [...]

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Breaking the Stereotype – Can Men attend Cosmetology Schools in Orlando?

There’s always been a common stereotype in society that men have to be ‘masculine’. The sheer idea of taking care of nails or doing any form of makeup used to be taboo a long time ago for men. Times are changing though and people have different opinions than they did several decades ago. Today, more [...]

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Why you Need to Attend a Cosmetology School in Orlando

Cosmetology School in Orlando Studying for a new career requires a commitment of time and resources to gain the experience necessary to succeed in such a demanding industry. The key point to remember is everyone starts somewhere and you could see your bright beginning with the cosmetology school in Orlando. We provide our students with [...]

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You’ve Finished Cosmetology School in Orlando – Now What?

Cosmetology School in Orlando Our cosmetology school in Orlando offers a unique experience for people who want to pursue a new career. The programs have 1200 hours work of training so students are equipped with the tools they need to succeed in their new career field. Once you’ve enrolled in your program you will be [...]

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Three Things that make Cosmetology in Orlando Unique

Cosmetology in Orlando The best cosmetology schools in Orlando teach their students the necessary skills and techniques required to pursue a successful career in this field. These skills students learn means they’re well equipped to handle the needs of the clients who will soon be sitting in their chair. The cosmetology program covers a wide [...]

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