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Electrolysis Training & Skin Care School in West Palm Beach, FL

Skin Care and Electrology
Have you been searching for the perfect skin care school in West Palm Beach? What about the “right” center for West Palm Beach electrolysis training? Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers has the answer for you! Their rigorous training program prepares enthusiastic students with everything they need to become passionate, talented, and dually licensed cosmetic professionals in just a few months.

Skin care, makeup application, color analysis, personal care, hair removal, waxing, contouring, shaping, tinting, and so much more is covered by this incredible hands-on academic program. Innovative methods of electrolysis training and expert, diverse methods of skin care are all covered at the West Palm Beach location.

Once you’ve completed your training at the West Palm Beach Skin Care School, you’ll be one simple step short of entering the workforce as an electrologist! The State of Florida requires electrologists become officially licensed before taking a job in their chosen field. Graduates of the electrolysis training program are encouraged to apply for state licensing and national certification exams upon finishing their course study.

As an important note, if you’re interested in pursuing a career in the field of laser hair removal, you must be enrolled in—or have successfully completed—the electrology and/or dual program from Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, before registering for the school’s official laser hair removal program.

This program is available at the following campuses:

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Ready to embark on a brand-new career? Start your training in the “beautiful” fields of electrology and skin care this season. Learn more about Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers by visiting the school online, and speak to someone at the West Palm Beach Skin Care School by calling (561) 547-6333 today!



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