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Laser Hair Removal Training, Requirements, and Certification in West Palm Beach, FL

Laser Hair Removal
In the sunny, stylish, trendy state of Florida, expert laser hair removal is a must. But why trust anyone else do it? When you enroll at Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, you’ll be on your way to high-end laser hair removal training in West Palm Beach in no time!

Pre-requisites For The Program

The West Palm Beach Laser Hair Removal Training program includes everything students need to become laser hair removal professionals. As an important note, this is not an introductory course; students must already be licensed electrologists, M.D.s, or professional Physician’s Assistants to enroll in this advanced program.

Furthermore, all students should currently be enrolled at the West Palm Beach Electrology program, or have completed it prior to registering for the laser hair removal course.

Who Should Enroll In This Program?

If you are an aesthetic professional and want to be able to expand the services you do by completing a laser procedure, this program would be perfect for you. As mentioned above, you need to already be an electrologist or currently working toward becoming one. You can only use a laser device is you are an electrologist or PA and have been properly trained to use one in compliance with Florida Law.

The state of Florida requires that you take a 30 hour course in addition to being an electrologist in order to become certified.

Courses and Education

The prestigious Laser Hair Removal Training program will educate students in the theory and practical application of hair growth delay through the use of lasers and “light-assisted” technologies. All students will study the-

  • Growth and anatomy of human hair
  • Past and current applications used to affect hair growth
  • Unique history of laser and light-assisted hair removal systems

Additionally, the West Palm Beach Laser Hair Removal Training program will teach federal and state government regulations for this field, all while preparing students for employment opportunities immediately upon graduation.

Costs For Laser Hair Removal Program

When you are researching schools to attend to earn your certification to become a laser tech, you will find that the costs vary. You will want to be sure that you find out what each program has to offer before you enroll.

With our program, you will learn everything that you need to know to take the certification exam. We will make sure that you are prepared to move forward in your career.

We accept financial aid and student loans. If you are interested in paying for your program on your own, we can also offer you a payment plan that will best suit your needs. Contact us today or fill out the form to your right and one of our staff members will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Check Out Our Program!

To find out more about opportunities for laser hair removal training in West Palm Beach, contact the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers today! Visit the website to read about requirements for enrollment, tuition, fees, financial aid, and the related program in electrology. To speak with someone at the West Palm Beach location, call (561) 547-6333.

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