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Electrolysis Training & Skin Care Program in Orlando, FL

In just 36-weeks, Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers will prepare you for a career as an electrologist, an esthetician, or both! Dual licensed professionals are valuable resources in the beauty and wellness industries. With training in both of these equally sought after, technical specializations, graduates open the doors to their successful careers. If you’re passionate about a career in beauty and wellness, the dual Eletrolosis/Skin Care program is right for you.

Electrolysis Training in Orlando takes up half of the program’s 120 hours of theoretical classroom training and 200 hours of instruction under the supervision of a licensed electrologist in a clinical setting. This way, before you begin learning techniques behind laser hair removal, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of electrolysis. When you’re prepared to apply your knowledge, you will begin working in an interactive lab setting. Interactive learning will prepare you to conduct popular treatments for removing unwanted hair such as modern short-wave, blend, and multiple galvanic methods.

Part two of the dual licensing program is your education at skin care school in Orlando. This part of the program will also begin in a classroom setting where students can obtain a firm grasp on the biological foundations of the skin, as well as how to perform a consultation and analysis to identify common skin conditions like acne, discoloration, and scarring. In a clinical setting, students will practice cleansing and massage procedures, waxing, make-up application, color analysis, brow tinting, and much more. The skin care program also includes training for body waxing and eye brow contouring, so graduates will have a genuine understanding of the skills necessary to succeed in the country’s top beauty careers.

To become a dual licensed professional and begin an exciting career in the beauty and wellness industries, visit Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers’ Orlando campus and find out if their tight-knit beauty school family is right for you.

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