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Electrolysis Training & Skin Care School in Hollywood, FL

Skin Care and Electrology
If your passion for all things beauty and wellness cannot be categorized by a particular type of professional training, the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers has programs that prepare students for careers as dual-licensed professionals. The Electrolysis & Skin Care School in Hollywood, Florida encompasses a hands-on education in two distinct but highly sought-after skill sets. Students will learn from the ground up over the course of this 28-week interactive program taught by instructors and licensed professionals.

The Fort Lauderdale area skin care program is characterized by an education that builds from a theoretical foundation to technical skills. Students learn the biological foundations, structures, and functions of the skin, as well as how to recognize and identify lesions and diseases of the skin. Interactive training includes the latest techniques for treating common, yet problematic skin conditions, and cosmetic procedures such as makeup application, tinting, waxing, and contouring.

Taught in tandem with the skin care program is the electrolysis training in Hollywood, Florida. As a worthy companion to students’ skin care expertise, an electrology education prepares students to meet the exponential demand for hair removal specialists in the United States. Students learn more than the traditional hair removal methods. After a hands-on education at the Fort Lauderdale area electrolysis program, graduates take on certification and licensing with a knowledge of modern short-wave, blend, and multiple galvanic methods of electrolysis, as well as how to curate treatment to the individual client.

If your passion for beauty and wellness is limitless, consider the Electrolysis & Skin Care School at Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers. Contact an admissions representative by calling (954) 922-5505.

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