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Full Specialist

600 Clock Hours

Full Specialist


7 months for students attending day schedule → 9 months for students attending evening schedule

The Full Specialist program at the Hollywood, FL location of Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers provides comprehensive training in both skin care and nail technology. This program enables graduates to work in the beauty industry as a Full Specialist.

Students will learn the biological foundations of the skin, skin consultation and analysis, and facial cleansing and massage techniques. Other skin care courses include cosmetics and the use of hair removal products.

In addition to learning the biological foundations of the skin, students will also learn microdermabrasion, glycolic and botanical peels, skin consultation and analysis, and how to perform cleansing and massage procedures.

Students will also learn the art and science of beautifying the nails. Training includes the use of professional manicuring tools including chemicals, nail drills, and light cured gels, identifying nail diseases, and the use of artificial nails and nail extensions.

The Full Specialist program is a training program consisting of 600 hours of theory/academic study and practical lectures, including 150 hours of hands-on instruction and application. A diploma will be awarded upon graduation from the program.

Are you ready to take the first step? Start by filling out the form on the right so we can schedule a visit to see the Hollywood, Florida campus location. You’ll be greeting by a warm and friendly faculty and staff. You’ll experience firsthand how our classrooms and facilities are designed to be just like a real salon. In addition you’ll see that we actually have real customers! You can get real experience working with real customers as you earn your diploma. This allows you to hit the ground running after graduation as a Skin and Nail Care Specialist. We are excited about the opportunity to help you learn a skill that can pay dividends for life!



Full Specialist


Becoming a Full Specialistand having a dual licensed can open many different career opportunities, including employment at salons, spas or resorts. A licensed Full Specialistcould find careers in cosmetics marketing, purchasing, beauty consulting, in the medical community as paramedical estheticians or training instructors.

Here are some examplesof job titles more Skin Care related a Full Specialist can hold:

  • Esthetician/Skin Care Specialist
  • Medical/Paramedical Esthetician
  • Clinical Esthetician
  • Master Esthetician
  • Medical Spa Manager
  • Wax/Hair Removal Specialist

In the other hand as a Licensed Full Specialist you can also find Nail Technology related jobs in:

  • Nail salons
  • Spas and hair salons
  • Resorts
  • Cruise ships
  • Country clubs
  • Health and personal care stores
  • Retail
  • Mobile Nail Tech Jobs

Many Full Specialist work for a salon, but others choose to open and own their own businesses. Some decide to take their education and career to the next level and develop their own product line which could be a polish line, nail care product, makeup line, and skin care line among others.


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