How to Keep Hair Looking Great in Cold Climates – Helpful Hints from a School of Cosmetology Orlando

//How to Keep Hair Looking Great in Cold Climates – Helpful Hints from a School of Cosmetology Orlando

How to Keep Hair Looking Great in Cold Climates – Helpful Hints from a School of Cosmetology Orlando

 school of cosmetology OrlandoOne of the biggest problems that you are going to face as a cosmetologist, especially in the area of hair care is dealing with people who fail to take your advice. They will listen to you intently, and once they leave the salon it’s as if all of the knowledge you imparted is magically erased. Fortunately, you can help them help themselves by knowing a few of the most important hair care tips and making sure that you give them the treatment they need. Taking care of hair properly is always going to be a bit of a challenge – there’s no denying that.

While the summer definitely brings challenges, the weather will eventually turn and winter will rear its ugly head. Once that happens you’re going to need to find all new ways to take care of your head. Not all of these are exactly classroom learning in a school of cosmetology Orlando, but these are a few tips that you can share with your clients, and some that you can keep in mind for yourself.

Avoiding Static – A Basic at the School of Cosmetology Orlando

It is always recommended that you keep your hair covered in the winter, especially if you want to avoid dealing with rain, wind, and snow, but as you probably know by now, that’s a great way to create static, especially if you are wearing a wool cap. If you want to avoid this, it is strongly recommended that you use a heat styling product for blow drying. This type of product is used on hair before using a blow dryer, a curling iron, or a flat iron – it will go a long way in keeping hair looking the way it is supposed to. Is it going to solve all of the problems? Probably not, but it will definitely help your clients, and of course, you.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

It is strongly recommended that during the winter months you do your best to treat your hair once a week using a deep conditioning treatment. This will replenish moisture and defend against the cold dry air of winter. As always, when you are performing this treatment, salon level products are going to come strongly recommended. Remember, the products you keep at your booth are going to be much stronger and much more concentrated than typical drug store products, and recommending them to your customers could save them a considerable amount of trouble.

Hair Washing – Beneficial or Not?

Washing your hair definitely has its benefits, but that doesn’t mean you should do it every single day in the winter. In the cold, dry air, washing your hair too much is going to cause it to dry out, and it will definitely make it more brittle. Make sure you impart this knowledge onto your clients so that they will be able to leave your salon more confident and able to actually take care of their hair.

Trimming – It’s an Essential Part of Haircare

cosmetology school OrlandoAs a student at our cosmetology school Orlando you will naturally be encouraged to let your customers know about the benefits of keeping their hair trimmed. It is strongly recommended that your customers trim their hair every six to eight weeks though this is far more encouraged during the winter. Split ends can easily cause the hair to cease growth, and the chances of this are multiplied significantly in the winter.

Humidity is Key

We’re about to tell you something that you probably wouldn’t have expected, and it is that humidity is without a doubt one of the best things you can provide for your hair. Okay we know what you’re thinking; you’re thinking that you’ve been told time and again that humidity is bad for your hair and you would be right – it is. The problem is that in the winter, the indoors can become very dry, so dry in fact that it causes harm to your hair. A humidifier will go a long way in helping to make sure that your hair stays healthy. Please turn the humidifier off in the summer.

These few tips might not be academic at a cosmetology school Orlando, but they’re great for working in the field and keeping your clients informed. Keep them in mind and most importantly, keep your hair healthy!


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