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Cosmetology School Isn’t Just For Careers: Learn Some Skills

Sure, beauty school is a wonderful way to kick-start a career and get going on a life of fun and fashion. But believe it or not, schools such as Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers can do more than prep you for a life as an esthetician or masseuse — they can also help you learn [...]

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How To Add To Your Skill-Set Before You Get The Job

With a cosmetology certificate and license in hand, it’s now time to find a job. First of all, congratulations! You’ve worked hard and you deserve to take some time to savor your accomplishment. But don’t wait too long … now it’s time to get those skills in top-notch condition so you can potentially find a [...]

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The Pivot Point Approach Prepares You For a General Beauty Career

There are multiple techniques for training hair stylists, but one of the most popular is the Pivot Point approach. This educational style allows students to learn the basics of technique and styling without limiting their own ideas or their clients’ desires. Below we’ll discuss how this method works (for more than just hair!) and how [...]

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Hair Design: Styles for the Fall

Summer is flying by, and although we are in Florida, we can appreciate the styles of fall, long-sleeved tees, close-toed shoes and even the occasional scarf if we’re lucky. While beach hair might have gotten you through the sweltering summer months, you may need to up your game for the less casual fall look. Here [...]

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Beauty Trends That Have Lasted Through Generations

Ah, beauty. It’s the eternal desire of men and women, old and young and of every race and creed. We all want to be attractive, and throughout the ages, pursuing beauty has taken many different forms. However, the approaches have not been as different as you might think. Below, we’ll take a look at the [...]

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Step By Step Guide Of Applying To Beauty School

Cosmetology schools can open many doors, allowing you to build a successful career on the foundation of what you love doing — helping clients and customers look and feel their best and meeting many interesting people along the way. Truly fulfilling work may be just an application away, so this guide will walk you through [...]

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The Entrepreneurial Side of Cosmetology

Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers graduates will receive job placement assistance upon completion of their program. However, many beauty school graduates have an enterprising spirit and aspire to eventually own their own business. The idea of starting your own business can be exciting, but daunting. Here’s a brief outline of some of the key steps [...]

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A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming a Barber

There are numerous perks to being a barber, including being able to set your own hours and the number of days a week you wish to work. It is also a job that you can perform in almost any location (as long as you have the appropriate license). But before you can hang up your shingle, there are some [...]

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The Benefits of Hands-On Experience While Attending Cosmetology School

Training for a cosmetology career involves acquiring book knowledge as well as practical hands-on experience. Our comprehensive cosmetology program here at The Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers supports both types of learning. To understand why it’s crucial for our graduates to get hands-on experience as they earn their license in cosmetology, read on. […]

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