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Three Tips for Giving your Clients the Best Curl

Three Tips for Giving your Clients the Best Curl

Cosmetology is an exciting and creative career field for people who enjoy calling the shots and setting their own hours. There have been many cosmetologists who have walked through our doors and gone on to open their own business. Whether it’s opening their own salon or working out of the comfort of their own home, the world of cosmetology is filled with a wealth of opportunities for growth.

One of the styling techniques students learn at our cosmetology school in West Palm Beach is how to curl hair. Curling hair is one of the most popular styling techniques around and many cosmetologists encounter it over the course of their career. Getting the best curl for your clients doesn’t have to be rocket science and with a few key tips, you’ll be able to achieve ideal results.

Checking the Iron

Curling irons are one of the styling tools a cosmetologist will learn to use frequently at our cosmetology school in West Palm Beach. Preparation beforehand is a necessity when using a curling iron to achieve the best results. One of the tips people will come across frequently is the importance of shampooing and conditioning hair before curling or straightening.

The reason for this type of preparation is to help make the hair more malleable for curling and to help it hold its shape. Using the right curling iron is a necessity too, especially when it comes to the type of curls a client may desire. Clients who prefer to have looser curls would need a 1.5-inch barrel while people who want them tighter would need a shorter one used.

Separating into Sections

cosmetology school in West Palm BeachOne of the other curling techniques students learn about at school for cosmetology in West Palm Beach is how to curl a client’s hair in sections. Dividing the hair up will make it easier to curl and give better results that last long. The best way to do this is to divide hair into three sections, mainly ear to ear, a temple to temple, and to the top of the head.

Curling the hair in these sections will give the curls definition and texture it would lack if done another way. Using a curling iron to make a client’s curls in this order will give better results and improve the appearance of the curls. They’ll look nicer and they will be easier to curl in this order instead of doing it another way.

Preparation Beforehand

One of the most important steps is preparation beforehand when it comes to ensuring hair is ready to be curled. When it comes to hair curling as a styling technique, cosmetologists will spray it beforehand with hairspray. Ensuring the hair is completely covered in hairspray is a vital part of the process since it will help to hold the curls together.

One of the drawbacks to curling hair is the curls tend to come undone if the hair happens to be dirty prior to curling or won’t hold its shape. Hairspray helps the hair to hold its new shape after it’s been curled and prevents it from becoming undone.

Our school for cosmetology in West Palm Beach cares about teaching students the skills they need to be successful in their chosen career. We understand the challenges people face when studying for a new career and the uneasiness of having to work hard to enter a new field of study. We help students to discover their passion in cosmetology and work with them to master the skills they’ll need to succeed. Understanding how to curl hair properly is only one of the many lessons students can expect to learn at our school.


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