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The Top Three Threats to Skin

The Top Three Threats to Skin

Skin happens to be the largest organ on your body (notice we say on instead of in), and as such, it draws the most threats. One of the things that you need to remember about your skin, as opposed to the rest of the organs in your body, is that it tends to draw the most attention. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t pay attention o your other organs, or that they aren’t important – that’s not what we mean by any stretch of the imagination. We’re just saying that there are certain things you need to consider when it comes to skincare, and we’re going to go over a few of them here today. Remember: you’ll be learning even more of this at skin care school.

The First Threat – The Sun

Unfortunately, the sun is one of the biggest threats to the skin, and it’s not something that a person can hide the form. The sun emits ultraviolet radiation which can penetrate the layers of the skin, ultimately hindering the development of elastin, and even potentially causing skin cancer. Because the sun is in such an obvious and prominent location, it is very difficult to hide from it. Instead, you and your clients should make use of products that can keep your skin safe, for example, sunscreen or make up with a high SPF rating will make all the difference in the world.

The Second Threat – Weather

Rain and weather are going to make a huge difference, which is something that you are going to learn at any good skin care school, guaranteed. Most importantly, you do need to pay attention and watch out for wind. How many times have you walked into your house and found your face to be completely red? Wind can tear through the outer layers of your skin and will cause serious long-term damage. For this, we would recommend wearing a scarf or finding some other way to cover your body when you are walking through areas of extreme cold. It’s an extra step and it can take you a bit more time to get ready in the morning, but it is well worth the long-term result.

The Third Threat – Products

Woman with healthy, glowing skinWhile the sun and weather are definitely threats, you are ultimately the first line of defense for your well being. This is something that you will most certainly learn at skin care schools, and it is something that you will need to practice in your daily life. We cannot overstate the importance of paying attention to what you are putting onto your skin every single day, and that includes products that are ineffective.

Remember: there are many products out there that sell for a lower dollar amount which appears to be trustworthy but does not contain enough of the active ingredient. Then, on the opposite end of the spectrum, you have products that are still pretty expensive but don’t seem to get the job done. You can see problems on either end and when it comes right down to it, you will need to choose the products that are effective even if it require s a little more research.

As you can see, Hollywood skin care school can teach you quite a bit, and this is information that will come in handy for both you and any clients that you happen to be serving in the future. Give us a call today and ask us how to get your career started. You will not only be able to help yourself, you’ll be able to help others with the information that we impart to you.

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