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How Long Does Skin Care School Take?

How Long Does Skin Care School Take?

Many people in today’s age are seeking out non-invasive treatments to help them retain their youth. The increase among Americans having disposable income is growing and as a result, esthetics has experienced an “explosion of growth” according to the information from Associated Skin Care Professionals, ASCP.

Esthetics is an area of study in skin care school that is rooted in the health and beautification of the skin. Various techniques and applications can be applied to the epidermal layer of the body to bring out its best health and form. Esthetics covers the practice of an array of skin care techniques including pore cleansing, steaming, chemical peels, waxing, and extraction.

Take the First Step by Enrolling in Skin Care Programs

Walking into a career of esthetics can be life-changing for men and women alike; within months they go from novice to expert at the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers. People who choose to enroll in our skin care programs are trained by experts who work in hotels, spas, salons, and other areas where esthetics is needed. Hands-on training provides students with the opportunity to start developing their skills and gain the confidence they need to excel in their chosen career field.

Potential students can expect to be clocking in hands-on training and classroom time, this helps them to learn vital skills. This process makes it easier for students to absorb the material nature and not feel lost when approaching the new subject matter. Everybody starts from the same point and the boost of confidence early on enables students to learn easier and be confident in their studies.

What Do Students Learn in Our Skin Care Programs?

img-skin-care-electrologySkin care school is focused on helping students build the foundation for a successful career in the esthetics field. They learn the biological foundations of the skin so they have a better understanding how it works. Students will also learn about skin consultation and analysis, microdermabrasion, glycolic and botanical peels, and massage procedures.

Our skin care school features the latest training and beauty techniques and new equipment to ensure students gain the skills today’s spas and salons are seeking out. This enables students to remain competitive in their career field and continually improve their skill set. Students can expect to have hands-on training in a real work environment and scenarios.

Requirements for Completing the Program

Studying for a new career is an exciting prospect for many people and taking part in our skin care schools has enabled many of our graduates to get their license. They enter the career field with the skills they’ve honed to perfection ready to help their own clientele as experts.

The requirements include 260 hours of classroom training or academic instruction. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be awarded a diploma and be eligible to take their licensure exam.

The career of an esthetician can be fulfilling as they work with their clients to improve their outer beauty and to help them to retain their youthful appearance. The career prospects have never looked better either for individuals who choose to study in this career field. There has been an increase in luxury destination spas across the US. Just in 2009 alone, there were over 143 million visits to spas. Many estheticians have enjoyed a successful career in dedicated esthetic spas but many have even found a wealth of opportunities in the fashion, film, music, and theater industry.


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