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Basics of Skin Care – An Essential Skill Taught at our Cosmetology School in West Palm Beach

Basics of Skin Care – An Essential Skill Taught at our Cosmetology School in West Palm Beach

Cosmetology School in West Palm Beach

People care about their skin and for good reason. The appearance and state of someone’s skin can say a lot about their health. Skin is an essential part of life and caring for it is very important. Cosmetologists are often the first people to see the health of their client’s nails, hair, and even their skin. Clients often ask the advice of their cosmetologist about how to properly take care of these areas of their body. The cosmetologist may even offer recommendations or ways to improve their appearance by caring for these areas of the body properly.

Our cosmetology school in West Palm Beach covers the basics of this career choice so students can be prepared to pursue a successful career. Knowing how to care about each area of the body is essential and will go a long way to not only benefiting the cosmetologist, but the client too.

Moisturize and Clean the Skin On a Regular Basis

One of the main issues people tend to forget is how important it is to clean and moisturize their skin. This is very important during certain times of the year like summer and winter when the air becomes very dry. Makeup, dirt, and even natural oil from the skin can become trapped. Washing your face twice a day helps to clear this debris off the skin and prevent blemishes. Once the skin has been cleansed applying a good moisturizer helps to lock in the moisture.

The right moisturizer should be used based on the skin type. While a basic moisturizer is fine for normal skin, people who have an oily or dry type may need something more specialized.

Limit Time in the Sun

Sun is not completely bad for skin and in fact is even healthy in moderation. Spending some time in the sun has been linked to Vitamin D which is essential for living. People should be aware however too much sun can be damaging to the skin. Constant exposure to ultraviolet radiation, also called UV, can cause several problems. UV rays can cause age spots, wrinkles, and even discoloration.

The majority of skin cancers are also caused by long periods of UV exposure. Wearing a good sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more is recommended for the best results. Wearing the right clothing too can help to prevent sun damage to the skin like a wide brimmed hat, long pants, and even a long sleeved shirt.

Recommend a Client Seeks a Professional for Help for Serious Skin Problems

Cosmetology School in West Palm BeachWest Palm Beach Cosmetologists who gain a loyal customer base will become familiar with their clients’ preferences and health. They’ll usually recognize the appearance of their client’s skin, hair, and nails and how to tell if they’re healthy. They’re often the first people to notice a difference in any of these areas and may have to recommend a client seeks help.

The reason for this is because for serious skin problems, only a professional like a dermatologist can help the skin to heal. Cosmetologists who attend the school of cosmetology in West Palm Beach will learn how to communicate effectively with their customers to let them know what’s wrong. While a cosmetologist is skilled at knowing how to care for these areas of the body, they can only do so much. Suggesting a client seeks out medical help is good not only for them, but for their health too.

Caring for clients is a major part of a cosmetologist’s career. The majority of cosmetologists who are able to work from home or even open their own salons are able too through a good client base. Building up this client base and recognizing their needs and preferences is important to succeeding. When a cosmetologist is able to recognize their client’s needs ahead of time they stand a higher chance of succeeding in their career field.


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