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Five Massage Tips you Need to Know

Five Massage Tips you Need to Know

Our Massage Therapy school in Hollywood, FL prepares graduates for licensure testing and subsequent employment as a licensed massage therapist. Students learn how to use massage techniques to work the muscles of the body and related tissues to relieve discomfort and pain in their clients. This can be caused by stress, illness, and even injury which clients will want to seek relief from.

There are a variety of skills and techniques to cover over the course of the curriculum. Students will study these different techniques and come to understand the importance of massage therapy. When studying this course material for the first time, we want potential students to keep a few tips in mind when it comes to massage.

Clear Communication

Our Massage Therapy school in Hollywood, FL teaches students how to work with their clients to give them the best massage experience. One of the skills students will have to master is establishing a clear line of communication between them and their clients. The reason for this is not every client will be socially open to discussing their ailments before, during, or after their massage session.

When meeting with a client, a massage therapist should be well aware of what ailments their client suffers from. Asking questions beforehand about any pre-existing medical conditions that may affect the client during a session or cause them discomfort is a serious risk.

Time Management

Massage therapists see their clients at their scheduled appointment times so they can give them the care and attention they need while also preparing for the next client. One aspect of the job many people in this career field will face is tardy clients that may require some negotiation when it comes to time. There will be times a massage therapist will have to cut a session short with a tardy client so they can accommodate the next one coming in for their appointment.

The majority of massage therapists will not work past a scheduled appointment time since they have to see the next client. While there are a few exceptions to this due to circumstances like another client canceling their appointment, massage therapists will usually not accommodate late arrivals.

Being Clear on Pressure

school of Massage TherapyOur school of Massage Therapy encourages training massage therapists to speak with their clients when it comes to their preferences. Clients may at times be shy about requesting more or less pressure for their massage. Asking clients about their preferences when it comes to giving them a massage and whether they would prefer more pressure is an excellent way to get the conversation flowing.

Advise on Drinking Water

The other piece of advice students learn about is to advise clients to hydrate after their appointment. Similar to working out, muscles will become hydrated after a massage. The reason this is required is that when muscles are tight, they constrict the circulation in those areas. This inhibits the body’s natural ability to flush out waste and once the muscles are relaxed, the circulation is flowing freely again. Letting clients know to drink water after their massage so they can continue to be relaxed will go a long way in ensuring they’re comfortable.

Waiting to Workout

The piece of advice massage therapists will learn to share with their clients after studying at our school of Massage Therapy is working out before a massage is better than doing it afterward. People who work out after a massage risk stressing and straining the muscles they have relaxed. Clients should be advised to wait 24 hours before working out again to avoid the risk of injuring themselves since their muscles are in a relaxed state.


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