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Is Laser Hair Removal different from Electrology?

Is Laser Hair Removal different from Electrology?

Hair removal is a necessary evil for many people, but here’s the big question: should a patient jump directly to electrology or should they go with laser hair removal first? To answer that question, we are first going to talk a bit about what electrology is and how it affects the hair on your body. What we’re about to explain, are a few of the basics that you would learn at electrology school in Hollywood FL, so get ready.

Fun Facts from Electrology School in Hollywood FL

The first thing that we want to say is that electrology is precisely what it sounds like. A needle is inserted into the pores of your face, and a burst of electricity is run through it. The objective is to kill the hair follicle, and once done, the technician will be able to remove the hair using a pair of tweezers. This is a time-consuming process, but it should be noted that it is the only 100% verified method to permanently remove hair. That being said, it’s definitely a preferred technique. So, what about laser hair removal?

The Facts about Laser Hair Removal

Electrology School in Hollywood FLLaser hair removal differs from electrology in a few different ways, mainly in that it does not use a physical needle. Instead, the patient lays flat on a bed, and a technician will use the laser to penetrate the pore. The laser burns the follicle at the root, causing the hair growth to stop. There are a few interesting things to note here. For one, the darker the hair, the easier the laser will be able to get rid of it. Two, denser hair is more difficult to get rid of, and it is also a bit more painful for the patient. Finally, while the laser is getting rid of the hair, it does not guarantee that there will be no regrowth.

Hair grows in various cycles, which means that there need to be several weeks between laser appointments. Generally, three to six weeks between appointments is standard, and in each appointment, a new cycle will be addressed. Also, with each appointment, the laser can be intensified to give greater effect. These sessions will need to be continued until each hair growth cycle is addressed and the hair is substantially thinned out. Now, the only problem is that the FDA does not guarantee that laser hair removal is an effective method of permanent hair removal.

Moving on to Electrology

Something you’ll learn in electrology school programs is that laser hair removal does a great job of thinning out the hair so that the process is a bit less painful. In addition to that, having laser hair removal first may make the process go a bit faster so that the patient will spend less time on the table. Naturally, it is always going to be up to the patient as to whether or not they want to go through it in this manner, but it is definitely recommended.

An education in electrology is an outstanding way to enter the field of cosmetic surgery, and it is also an outstanding way to help people. The need for technicians of this type cannot be overstated, and if you are planning to enter the field, then you’ve definitely chosen a great career. Check out our website and fill out the form for more information on electrology school cost as well as electrology school programs. Your future is just a few clicks away.


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