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How to Work with Thinning Hair

How to Work with Thinning Hair

Our cosmetology school in Orlando has helped many people to realize their dreams in the world of cosmetology. Inviting a client into your chair and helping them, equipped with the skills you’ve gained after 1200 hours of training, is a truly fulfilling emotion.

Hollywood Institute is a well-known cosmetology school in Orlando and we teach students the skills and techniques they need to succeed in their chosen career field. One of the skills we teach students frequently is how to deal with different hair types, including thinning hair.

Caring for the Scalp

Our school of cosmetology in Orlando is no stranger to thinning hair, we understand the difficulties that come with it. Thankfully, people are in luck because there are a few techniques on how to work with thinning hair. One of the first tips we recommend future cosmetologists give to their clients is to teach them about scalp care.

One of the mistakes people make when they have thinning hair is to shampoo less when they should be shampooing more. The reason shampooing regularly is so important is it stimulates and energizes the scalp; some people even shampoo daily. The shampoo will help to add volume and to keep oiliness down to a minimum. When excess oil is present, it can cause the hair to separate so people see more of the scalp. People should avoid shampoos that claim to moisturize the scalp since it can clog pores and cause a buildup of excess oil.

The other technique students can learn at our affordable cosmetology school in Orlando is exfoliating the scalp is recommended. When shampooing, people should scrub their scalp with their fingertips to get rid of loose skin particles. This will help to strengthen existing hair and exfoliates the scalp.

Blending the Effect

school of cosmetology school in OrlandoAnother challenge when it comes to thinning hair is people are often at a loss of how to style it to get the most out of it. The key is not to let thinning hair get too long on the back and sides, these are the areas where hair is naturally at its fullest. People should focus on letting where the hair is thinnest growing longer, mainly the top of the head.

How does this technique work? Well, our school of cosmetology school in Orlando teaches students this is a blending technique. The shorter sides should fade into the longer hair located at the top. Blowing out the hair will add extra volume too and roughing it up with fingers will help to increase the density.

Consistency is Key

One of the aspects of the affordable cosmetology school in Orlando students will also learn about is how consistency is one of the key factors to success in this industry. Mainly, in how to treat thinning hair and keeping up to date on its progress. Hair styling products that are used with thinning hair should not be waxy, greasy, and no creams should be used either. Lightweight styling products are the way to go like a paste, pomade, and come with a matte finish.

This responsibility also falls down to the client as well and encouraging them to stick with their daily hair care regime. They should use shampoo and conditioner that is specially formulated for hair loss to gain the best results. Products containing Taurine are highly recommended since they target a specific hormone found in men that is responsible for hair loss. Taurine will help to strengthen and increase the density of hair if used regularly, but won’t promote hair growth. Using these types of products does help to slow down hair loss though and over time will help to restore thinning hair.


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