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Answer Your Calling as a Barber

Answer Your Calling as a Barber

The barber profession is one that many people are looking to get into because, contrary to popular belief, the salon isn’t where it’s ‘all at’. Sure, the salon is cool but the barber shop is a time-honored tradition with a rich history. So, here’s an interesting question: how do you become a barber, and what […]

Moisture vs. Humidity – Learn the Difference at a Cosmetology School Orlando

When it comes to hair there are a lot of phrases you hear quite a bit but the most common phrases are moisture and humidity. Both of these involve water, and both can have an effect on hair, but what is the difference? Is humidity better? Is it worse? That’s definitely going to be the […]

How the Top Cosmetology Schools Utilize Anti-Aging Cream

Everyone ages, it’s a fact of life. Another fact? Some age more gracefully than others. Why and how does this happen? Aside from genetics and conditions out of your control, you can chalk most of it up to how you take care of your skin over your lifetime. There are many things that you could […]

Things to know About the Best Barber Schools in Miami

When you are searching for an affordable barber school in Miami, you should be aware of the distinction between a barbering program at your cosmetology school and a dedicated barber school. A lot of people subscribe to the myth that both of these distinct schools maybe the same thing, but it is certainly not the […]

Tips on How to Best Market Yourself for a Future in Cosmetology

Tips on How to Best Market Yourself for a Future in Cosmetology

So you’ve got your cosmetology license— now what? Having finished your cosmetology program and successfully passing the state exam, it may feel a little alarming to contemplate putting yourself out there in the world, finding clients and making a name. Never fear. It’s totally possible to build the amazing beauty career you’ve always wanted. With […]

What Is Electrology and What Are the Career Options for an Electrologist?

If you are looking into a career at beauty school, there are so many available fields and directions that you can take to find the best career to suit you. If skin care is something that interests you, consider the exciting and growing field of electrology!