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Reasons to Attend a Cosmetology School

You must have seen plenty of video tutorials and makeovers but wondered how are they able to do it in such a short time? Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers allows you to get a training from an accredited and reputable beauty school that will allow you to develop the skills needed to help people feel [...]

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Tips on How to Best Market Yourself for a Future in Cosmetology

So you’ve got your cosmetology license— now what? Having finished your cosmetology program and successfully passing the state exam, it may feel a little alarming to contemplate putting yourself out there in the world, finding clients and making a name. Never fear. It’s totally possible to build the amazing beauty career you’ve always wanted. With [...]

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How To Add To Your Skill-Set Before You Get The Job

With a cosmetology certificate and license in hand, it’s now time to find a job. First of all, congratulations! You’ve worked hard and you deserve to take some time to savor your accomplishment. But don’t wait too long … now it’s time to get those skills in top-notch condition so you can potentially find a [...]

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