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Build a Career at Skin Care Schools in Orlando

Orlando Skin Care Training SchoolIf you want to make money in skin care, a strong education is a must. For dedicated professionals, skin care schools provide the perfect place to learn. You can learn to help your clients to achieve and maintain youthful and clear skin. You can also master techniques to smooth out rough spots and make the most out of any skin type.

You’ll go through hours of training and practice to perfect your technique. You also get the licensing you need. Not everybody can provide professional skin treatments. It could even be the first step in getting into medical cosmetics. Many nurses who offer Botox also have a background in esthetics.

Every state requires that students attend a skin care school and complete an approved program. The Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers helps students learn the skills. Then you can prepare for states licensing exams. How can you expect to learn the full range of skin care services in a matter of months? As a student of the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, you’ll train under licensed professionals. Then you get hundreds of hours of practice as required by the state.

Some of our students catch on quickly and fine tune their skills with each new client. Others struggle at first, but we help you to improve your skills over time. Each client comes with a unique skin type. When you offer services like facials, one of the most important things you can do is practice. Different skin types respond in different ways to the same treatment. You need to know when a service is appropriate and when either service would cause more damage.

As a skin care specialist, it’s your job to know what’s appropriate for each client. You also need to understand the best ways to care for their skin on an everyday basis. Today’s client wants their skin to look its best no matter where they are. They want the smooth, even look you provide for days or weeks after their appointment. For a successful esthetician, this might require you to work harder at first. It also translates into more product sales, though. You can sell anything from facial scrubs to lotions and masks while scheduling times for them to come back. You can get in the habit of doing this while you’re still at a skin care school.

Skin Care Programs Fit for You in Orlando

Orlando Skin Care TrainingEstheticians work in all 50 states and beyond. They work in salons, resorts, hotels, and more. Some work with established businesses while others strike off on their own. At the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, we provide programs designed to help you learn quickly. If you’re attending full-time, you’ll only have months to learn everything you need to know. We also help you master application methods, skin types, and more. Our programs are built to help you take on that challenge.

We realize our students need to have more than just practical skills. You need to be a good listener, efficient, and ready to work. Even when you work in an established salon, many ask you to pay room or booth fees. Then you get the money your clients bring in or a percentage of that along with a commission on any products you sell. You can find both instructors and mentors who are happy to help you develop strong business skills.

According to BLS.Gov the job market for skin care specialists will grow by an estimated 10% in the next few years. Professionals can seek jobs working with the young and baby boomers who are seeking more skin care treatments. Many estheticians are also going into jobs that have only recently been created. For example, you can branch off as a beauty vlogger. It’s up to you. The Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers can help you get there. We offer skin care programs built around years of experience.

If you’ve considered a career in skin care, take a tour of our campus. You can see the classrooms as well as the salon you can work with clients in. Then we can help you with financing, scheduling, and much more.