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Three Barber School Tools You’ll Learn to Use

Three Barber School Tools You’ll Learn to Use

Barber is the occupation where a person will mainly shave, cut, style, dress, and groom boys’ and mens’ hair. The place of work for a barber is commonly referred to as the “barbershop”. Barbershops are often a place of public discourse and social interaction where people can get up to date with each other, similar to a public forum.

Our barber school in Orlando teaches students the ins and outs of this industry, including helping them to gain confidence in the skills they’ll need to succeed in this career field. This exciting career offers maximum creativity and flexibility for people who wish to step into a career where they can be their own boss. We teach students how to use the tools at their disposal to be successful in their careers. These are three barbering tools though that every barber should be confident using on a daily basis.

Clipping is Serious Business

One of the first tools students learn to use at our barber school in Orlando is electric clippers. The clippers have razor sharp blades that work back forth rapidly in a shearing action that is safe to use on the skin. Electric clippers are effective in cutting hair and a couple even has a small vacuum attached to help catch loose hair and to pull it away from the central location where the cutting is taking place. Most electric clippers do not have these additional features though, so most barbers have to make do with the regular variety.

The more professional barber clippers have blades that are adjustable that allow a barber to cut hair at different lengths. These interchangeable blades are usually in the same place as the guards for models sold mainly for home use.

Keeping it Clean

The other common tool students learn about at our barber school in Orlando is cape which is draped over clients when they’re getting their haircut. The cape is one of the most important tools of the trade and is often overlooked. The cape is designed to be draped completely over the body and offers protection from the loose hair that falls off during a haircut. This also acts as a way to keep the client from itching from the loose hairs falling onto them until they have a chance to head home to take a shower.

The cape also helps the barber to ensure their client presents a neat, clean appearance when they cut and style hair.

Adjusting the Height

barber school in OrlandoOne of the mainstays of our affordable barber school in Orlando students will come to appreciate is adjust a client’s height while they’re sitting in a chair. Barber chairs are often passed over in their terms of importance as a tool for the career field, but if anything, they’re one of the most important components of the career.

Height adjustment is vital since it allows the barber to bring the client to a height that is comfortable for him or her to work with. The chair can also swivel so the client can be turned at a more comfortable angle to face the mirror once their haircut is complete to see the results of their haircut.

These types of chairs also have the ability to be reclined so the barber can reach the neck and face easier with a straight razor. This helps them to provide a closer shave for their client that can’t be achieved at home with a disposable or safety razor a client may use. Attached to the side of the barber chair is leather strap used to sharpen the edge of the razor before it’s used. This ensures the edge is refreshed and the client can have a close shave.

Our affordable barber school in Orlando covers these three vital tools with our students. Students will learn how to use these tools effectively to give their clients top of the line service which will also help them to be successful in their chosen career field.


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